free mahindra holiday gift vouchers!!!


so i was in a mall and they gave us a form which my wife filled and they promised free 2 pvr movie tickets and a free 2 night 3 days holiday gift voucher to any resort in 18 locations...............we got a call next day and they said pls collect the vouchers and come with 1 hr spare time so that we will show u videos and all of locations, instead they were luring us to get their membership worth 2.75 lacs...........with various extra benefits if we join on the spot:Boy Zip: .................and at same price we could join any time without those special benefits .:Smoking: they were stupids not very nice sales i got the vouchers and also i registered on their website..........looks fine till now. now if i go there may be any charges....????? anybody having 1st hand experience??????????(they promised everything is free except food) and 2 movie tickets will be couriered to us.


heh. same thing is done by people of country club.they wait at malls and give forms to people and ask them to fill it out for "lucky dip" and then next day we get a call saying we won a "gift" and ask us to collect the gift at their office. Once we go there, they give this trip/gift and ask us to join them. First time my dad went and got a flask. Just two ~ three months my friends mom went and got a glass set. Though my dad and friends mom didnt join the clubMy advise is take the tickets and ditch the trip if you're not comfortable :p


I fell for the Country Club luck dip scam once at an trade exhibition in Chennai. We got no prizes but only marketing bullshit shoved down our throat. I placed a complaint against them to the trade exhibition organizer for allowing such people in their exhibition. It was but in vain though. But whatever this Country Club is, I will never spend a paisa on them.

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