Forcing IP address?

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Aitel U/L 512kbps
Yup NeO's right about forcing the MAC id.Though I've found out that u can't run two connections without 2 NIC's. Its impossible. Try using Mobile Net Switch. Switch 2 one profile... login with the ID coressponding to that IP address. Then switch to another profile... Login with the other ID. It gives an error saying you are already logged in. Though sumtimes it does log you in, but its not like both the IDs run simultaneously. You have to switch between the profiles if you want to use the different accounts. So theres no increase in speed even if both IDs are logged in. You'll still b only on 1 single ID always.Though Mobile Net Switch is a cool s/w which enables switching IP addresses on the fly... w/o going into those network connections options which refreshes everything. This keeps everything running n silently changes the IP.