FlashBack Plz.....


First of all Hello to the old ones n Welcome to the new ones......hope u all old ones remember me..... :p Guys, I was out of town n seems sumthin major has happened in BTW. I am seeing one particular topic of "Fake ID n MTNL site data" being discussed everywhere. It wud be gr8 if anyone of u can update me on the same. Wanted to know exactly wht is happening n the funda of this Fake ID? Also, wht is the exact problem with the MTNL site?Sorry 4 posting a new thread 4 this....... :p


in mum the server of mtnl was downso every one frm mum was able to log with any id.That is the fake idwe got more than 3 gb in day time with fake id.since the server was down we were not able to log n see ur usage.n it is still down partially now we can log but cannot see the detail usage.
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