Fivenet Actual Speeds // Khar quality // Hubs? Help a non-local out please!


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Hey guys,
I live in Khar, getting a new connection for the 6 months that I'm here. Not quite sure which company to go with, but 5Net seems to have no FUP and seems truly unlimitted so I'm leaning towards it.
Does anyone have any experience/screenshots with their ACTUAL speeds though? When I was promised 10MBPS with MTNL I used to get 1MBPS if I was lucky. So with 2, I'll get...1kbps? Haha
Also, anone have any experience of it in Khar West? Dropped connections/speed/etc?
Finally, I'm new to the entire Hub culture. I'm only familiar with torrenting. Could anyone be so kind as to explain what exactly DC++ is and how it works? From what I understand, its LAN based sharing so it is faster? And 5Net offers unlimited upload/download to this? Are the files on these hubs any good in terms of quality and safety?
Any help would be greatly appreciated :D pleaseeee help a newbie out, I'm new to this country and dying here with my shi**y photon and no gaming!


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Hi Darth, any luck getting info on 5net? ive been trying to contact their isp providers in Bandra but no one answers the call, ever.

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