Experience with Vodafone


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Got a new prepaid Vodafone connection on 30th July paid Rs 132

The guy promised I will be getting 1.2p/second after the services are activated.

Rest of my family members are on pay per sec :chargrined:

From past 3 days am getting charged at 2p/second, I contacted customer care they said contact the shop.

I went to the shop he said, Vodafone keeps on changing plans, and did a recharge of Rs 8 and the call rate remained the same.

I went online found one recharge, that would bring the call rates to 1.2p/second, selected Citi Maestro and on the gateway it says this:

So, they apparently don't accept Maestro Cards of Citibank?

I don't know, this is freaking not what I expected.

I am so feeling to break this sim and throw it out of the window right now.

Glad I didn't recharge for 3G services :Boy Think:

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