Excitel works fine on LAN but Frequently Disconnects on the Modem/Router (Checked 2 Modems Already)


Dec 28, 2014
Hi, I've an update with the new router after running for 24 hours. (TP-Link Wireless N Router WR841NModel No. TL-WR841N)

Router is no more disconnecting except for Admin Reset and If Electricity goes off (LCO doesn't have power-backup).

Except for that, it seems to be stable for now.

Note: I troubleshooted everything myself and there is no support/help from the Excitel's Support.

They are the shittiest support I've ever seen in my entire life. Hathway's Support is much better than Excitel. Excitel's support has somewhat same lines kind of actor's script. They speak all of them in a pattern (words are different, but meaning are same). And the value of their words are negligible.

Complaint is open since the connection installed but they never sent a engineer or anyone.

Other Problems:

Packet Loss: I'm seeing packet losses randomly which spikes to 50-60% sometimes.

Delay/Lag in Internet: Sometimes I feel a kind of lag in the website loading while on Excitel. Example, it takes extra seconds to load the YouTube Videos (2-5 Seconds Delay).

So for example, I load a video on YouTube. It shows black screen on the player for about 2-5 seconds (without sound) and after that it starts the video. Seems to be routing issues?


1. Why is my TP-Link Load Balancer TL-R470T is not working fine with the Excitel? (It has much better hardware quality than this cheap Rs. 999 Modem).

2. Why is my TP-Link TD-W8970 Gigabit Ethernet Router not working? It's 10 times more costlier than this?

Looking for some answers, since I believe it's working fine with the @Sushubh with his TP-Link Load Balancer (few months back).

3. Do you recommend using as the DNS or Google DNS instead of Exctel's own DNS?

(@Aakash Malhotra @achaudhary997 Your inputs are always valuable).
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Apr 15, 2018
For the first two questions I have no clue apart from the fact that it should work as I am also using a different router that what was given by the LCO.

3. I have been using Excitel's own DNS from a very long time and have had no problems so far (Apart from 2-3 backend problems which usually resolves within 2-3 hrs). But I prefer Google DNS as the latency to is about 80ms for me whereas google DNS gives me a latency of 4-5 ms.

Aakash Malhotra

Aug 13, 2013
new delhi
i also get packet loss spikes of 50-80% . it stays for a few seconds then goes back to zero.

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Dec 28, 2014
Update #3: I have connected the Excitel Ethernet Directly to the TP-Link Load Balancer for now with the Port #4 (which was never used before).

I want to check the stability with the load balancer last one time before deciding anything. If I notice the disconnections. I would know something is wrong with the modem or the hardware compatibility of Excitel's Switch/Server with the certain kind of routers.

Because, @Rehan Kumar is also facing the disconnections with one of the TP-Link Gigabit Router (higher model of my own Gigabit Router) which confirms some router models are just not compatible for Excitel.

P.S.: Don't buy TP-Link Router/Modems for Excitels of these similar design/color: Archer C1200 (@Rehan Kumar's) and TD-W8970 (Mine).


Aug 5, 2008
Srivilliputhur / Madurai (TN)
Strange. My router has a built-in ping command. I have seen it in another-now-defunct modem too. So, it could come in handy to see how the router sees the packet loss. So, if your router or the load balancer has ping command, please try it at first.

For anyone who want a cheaper load balancer, please try mikrotik's hap mini that costs less than 2k India, with just enough ports (3) to set up a load balancer. The only downside is that its wifi runs only on 2.4ghz. I'd suggest a dedicated AP from Ubiquiti and use hap mini only for load balancing. Unfortunately, most Ubiquiti products are too costly in India.


Dec 28, 2014
@pothi I'm getting the EdgeRouter-X by the new year or so. EdgeRouter-X uses the top-notch ethernet jack + chips.

Let's see.

Now, About Pinging. Router pings standard 4 times only. So it isn't that trusted results.

The thing is that if Laptop's stable, new modem is stable (2 days old modem) then I think something is seriously wrong with the LCO's equipment or with the modem I have used (initially in test) which aren't working properly.

P.S. From last 4 hours, I'm again testing the TP-Link Load Balancer with it's WAN PORT 4 (Which I've never used before). Let's see. So far I'm not seeing any disconnections on the Excitel.

Except, I'm seeing the 4-5 second failover from Excitel to Airtel.

I think sometimes the packet-loss of the Excitel makes TP-Link Load Balancer believe that Excitel is down and it shifts to Airtel Broadband. But after 4-5 seconds it comes back to the Excitel.

But if you notice, on the home-page WAN 4 is online (Internet Online and Connected to Excitel) for 4 hours.
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Jun 11, 2006
I am not familiar with the TP Load Balancer router, but what is the health check method used by the router to determine if the link is healthy?

Does it ping the gateway or does it ping any given IP address/hostname through that link?

Mikrotik hap ac2 is also a good alternative, gives you a lot of flexibility and the wireless performance is pretty good too -- MikroTik hAP ac²
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