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I was one of few early adopters of Excitel ethernet back in 2015 I think and left it in few months due to downtime every other day, thanks to LCO n way they handle switches n wiring. This time on dedicated fiber line by Excitel I am told downtimes are fewer.

This time back from Airtel who were not ready to increase speeds(16mbps on vfiber for last 3 years) and facing few network problems like some app won't download or stuck at 99% unless i switch to mobile data Plus customer support of Airtel was down the drain in last one year. I think mobile support and landline support is on same level now aka hopeless. also upload speed hurts more than download.

Got new diwali offer plan 2000 for 4 months 100mbps + 750(refundable but no receipt provided) for ONT + 300 for installation(for box with ont n yellow wire).
LCO took 2 days to install it & would have taken probably one more but a warning after wire installation led to same day final activation else he would have lost all the effort till now. And same old money saving ways were used, no use of clip, tying wire to dish n pipes . I think Excitel should handle new installation itself instead of leaving it to LCO.

Speed is 100mbps without any ping loss for now.
But connection do becomes little jittery at too many times so a big no for gamers.
Even youtube streaming sometimes show pixelation when no big load on connection.
At one instance Whatsapp was not connecting.

So glitches still are there like old excitel but no complete downtime for time being.

I'll update if I face more problems. Hopefully rain, moisture and dust won't affect fiber.

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I think below test is on 2.4ghz

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Hi All, I live in VikasPuri J Block & planning to go with Excitel 200 mbps plan. Want to know is there any issue you guys are facing in peak hrs ? Anyone from J block can confirm the lco service? Any other thing i should know before getting this installation done..
Thanks in advance..
i don't know who is the provider of excite in J Block l a live in shankar garden (Opp to police station), lovely cable is the lco , but from my experience even though the lco was ok , excitel connection is not that reliable,in most imp times it dissappointed me the most like giving exams,interviews. speed drop can be anytime eventhough lco side will be ok still backend issues are there ,cust care is 0 they are just parrots so you have to rely completly on lco. And their business model is like a trap rechage for long to get those excitel prices so that once a customer is trapped he is trapped.


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Yes i live in JG3 Block. My experience with excitel was very bad on connection until i upgraded to fiber which they recently upgraded their infrastructure in January. Very less downtimes if any get resolved within hour. I have recharged 300 Mbps plan for 4 months no speed drops till now.
Also the LCO is OmSaiNet, they even provide connection as far as JG2 as my friend got the same.
I am attaching a screenshot of speedtest below.


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Where is my Fiber reliability? This is the second time it's happening in a month

edit: back up after 2hrs from the notice
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