Excitel Fiber Broadband Installation, review, speed test at Rohini in North West Delhi of 300 mbps unlimited plan

Excitel Fiber
Dear Friends, Today I am going to share with you Most comprehensive Review, Installation and speed test of Excitel Fiber at Rohini Sector 9 Delhi.

Kindly follow the link for the Review after one month of usage, installation and speed test video:


The plan is 300mbps unlimited plan. Modem is Excitel own brand GX and Product Model is Titanium 2122A. I have been using the plan for the last two months. The performance of Excitel Fiber at Rohini is satisfactory. The plan speed is pretty much constant even during peak hours. I have taken speed test at 2000 hrs (evening) and can be seen that speed is 300mbps ie plan speed in case of download and upload but owning to unknown reasons upload speed was not proper on open speed test website. However, normally the speed is as per plan. Faced average blackout 1-2 times during each month but that too did not last very long. Except one day when internet was coming and going but Excitel confirmed that it was their server issue and whole Delhi is facing similar problem. Overall, I am fully satisfied with their performance.

Kindly also follow the link for Speed test results on different national and international servers as well as different websites video:


Speed test results of Excitel Fiber Broadband service speed test results tested on number of National and International Servers on 300 mbps plan during non peak hour at 2 am in Rohini, Delhi. The tests are done not just on Speedtest.net website but on number of other speed test websites. This will help the users to understand the true performance of Excitel Fiber Broadband.