Excitel Broadband is charging for replacement of ethernet cable damaged outside user's premises

Karan Verma

Today, my internet went down (like every week or so). So, I called my LCO and he sent a technician. As, he couldn't fix it so he started saying that your wire has gone lose and you should change it. And when i asked him he said it will cost 15rs per metre. I ignored it and later he went to fix the internet somewhere outside near a pole. After spending there quite a few minutes fixing it. He called me again and said I can't fix it your wire is broken at places and it must be changed.
Considering it's been only 4-5 months since installation of my connection I said the connection is new and how can a wire go bad so early.
Anyways long story short, they want me to pay around 1000 bucks for wire change and LCO guy is not even aware of it when i told him (he was like sir mujhe nahi pata iss bare mai. wo hi sara field work karta hai and then mum for a minute). Later in the evening the technician called again asking for wire change and I told him i am not going to pay for it as i am not responsible for whatever happens outside.
Also, I had a bad experience with Excitel anyways. My LCO has not even installed the power backup and everytime when theres a powercut Internet goes down. Too many downtimes too. Also, calling Excitel customer care and sharing this issue was pretty useless (as they couldn't care less).
Now, I have recharged my Siti broadband again and not going to use excitel from now on.


this reminds me of the time sify broadband lco asked me to buy him a backup system if i wanted the internet to work during power cuts.


Viola !!! its the same story which i faced, exact after 4 months of installation of Excitel....iam facing speed problem during evening to night[most probably its network congestion & they don't understand what is network congestion ] So after they r not able to understand what is the problem. LCO technician cut my cable and join it like they join cable TV wire...
& problem become worse & they asked me 500Rs to change the cable which i refuse to pay.

In my case LCO's secondary office is in my neighbor building bcz of which owner know me i contact him and they changed my wire free of cost.

about network congestion i create multiple ticket to excitel & talk to owner also, after 3 month of follow up LCO apply for another fiber cable to his secondary office..since new fiber installation to his 2ndry office, i hardly face any network congestion BUT PACKET LOSS IS REAL & RTO too :/

The main problem of Excitel is LCO hire armature technician to handle the whole network in order to max his profit & if technician don't understand where's the problem, they will say wire is faulty/cut and need to change.

acc. to my pathetic lco technician if ping remain under 100 when pinging to its ok, network is fine.
and i always remain at 79-90 ping on ping test.

Karan Verma

I have no problem in paying but the thing is LCO and his repair guy will keep on asking for money every now and then if i do this time. The repair guy is not even trying and won't do anything because according to him wire must be changed which I am sure is not the case. He's just trying to earn extra cash by fooling and I am not going to fall for it. I still have 12 days left in my plan to expire and I wonder what happens after that.

Karan Verma

I remember the repair guy when he first came to fix my internet couple of months ago. He asked me for 100rs for the ethernet connector even when Internet was still not fixed. Obviously, i did not pay for it and rather complained it to LCO regarding it. Even then he was not able to fix the internet for 2 days and he had to some other Excitel repair guy from another area.
Also, since i know the local LCO of Siti Broadband. So, I will stick to Siti for a while.

Deep Saha

rj45 connectors cost rs 10-20 max and they are charging 100rs for that is insane :/

a lot less when you buy in bulk.. around 3-4rs per connector

AMAZON RJ 45 Connector 100pics - Price 279 (around 150-200rs if you buy locally) so technically Rs 3 or Rs 2 per connector :/ :p


Amazing Member
even I got ACT guy to attach 2 rj45 connectors to a spare lan wire for my router to ps3. he also did it for free. this is the problem with local guys, asking money to do small things

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