Excitel Broadband has discontinued Grace Period system



should mention that i did not get any text alert.


Change billing cycle from Today: If you want to change your account billing cycle and want to start it from the current date, then you have to select the option “Change billing cycle from today”.
After selecting this option System will automatically add Reconnection fee charge (Rs. 50), which is mandatory to start the billing cycle from current date.

Keep old billing cycle: If you want to start your account billing cycle from the same day where it was left earlier (Date of Deactivation) then you can select “Keep old billing cycle”. In this case, the billing will start from the old date (Last expiry date) no matter when you make the payment.
i have a habit of paying after my last date as i am lazy bum. yesterday my internet got deactivated. tried to activate grace period. got a new page saying that most of excitels user base pay via internet recharge so there is no need of grace period so they are removing it.

its kind of a bummer that instead of bringing new features to the table the keep removing old ones. earlier they used to give static ip . then it stopped and now this.


maybe they did when they were new and in limited areas and plans were under 10mbps? i have seen some old posts from excitel users here on the forum. it did not just appear out of nowhere :D



I paid bill using upi (qr code) but did not got any rewards or scratch card.

was i supposed to first select the 50 or more option from the offer section ?

in rewards section it says just do transaction to get rewards, I am confused.