EVDO Upload Speed


Nov 1, 2011
I have just purchased one EVDO modem and opted for the 750 UL Plan. My download speed when using Internet Download Manger is about 60 KBps. But when I try to upload using Filezilla the speed is nearly 8-10 KBps and there are frequent disconnections. How can I improve upload speed? I need at least 30 KBps. I use Windows 7 (32-bit) or Windows Vista (64-bit).


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Dec 1, 2010
upload speeds are very low for evdo. I myself get barely 15kbps - 20kbps while download speeds are about 1.5mbits to 2.8mbits. This make seeding torrent a nightmare


Aug 18, 2009
ahh yesterday i applied for EVDO , hope to get good download speeds at least :Boy Heart Borken:


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Apr 2, 2009
Upload speed on ALL wireless devices are pretty low compared to download speed. The reason is ISP towers can use very high-powered and costly antennas so Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) is pretty good. However, your little Data Card/ USB Modem can't generate so much power and the SNR (at the receiving tower) is very low. You will get a respectable upload speed only if the tower is on your building's roof.


Jan 5, 2014
I know its a old thread and op might have not interested in this thread. Anyway it might help someone so i am gonna post it.
I think you are using zte ac8700. It is rev 0 device and it have low upload speed. Prithvi ue100 and micormax would give you better upload speed since they are rev a technology based devices and have higher theoretical upload speed.
As per my knowledge zte ac8700 is rev 0 device .......... which have maxmium download speed of 2.4mb/sec per second and upload speed of 153kb/sec..........I have used zte ac8700. It give me full signal strength but speed was 60KB/sec to 90KB/sec then i use a copper wire and roll it on its antenna and that's worked like charm. My speed increased to up to 150KB/sec but the upload speed increase only 10kb-20kb............my upload speed was only 7KB/sec to 12KB/sec..........Now i am using prithvi ue100 modem provided by BSNL. It is rev A device and it have maxmium download speed of 3.1mb/sec and upload speed of 1.08mb/sec(not sure about upload speed) but the problem with it is it did not give me full signal strength like zte ac8700...........my privious data card zte ac8700 give me 5 bars all the time without any change........but prithvi ue100 device give me 4 bars and sometime 3 bars......But it have better download speed and upload speed than zte ac8700...........I usually get up to 1mb/sec download and up to 150kb/sec upload speed.
I think Micromax MMX 300C........would be better than prithvi.