Echolink Udp Ports 5198 5199 Blocked :tcp 5200


Aug 20, 2006
Ut-300r2 adsl modem Dataone connection. working okay. But unable to connect the Echolink program needs UDP 5198 UDP5199 TCP 5200Unable to program in Advanced Page Please give details. step by step for this page .Not listed , but some other gaming programs available. Now connecting via Proxy servers. Thanks.This is the page ( ADVANCED) For Port Forwarding . What is the entry for Destination Port Map ?????CUSTOM PORT FORWARDINGConnection: pvc_0_32(pvc_8_35pvc_0_35pvc_8_81pvc_0_100pvc_14_24pvc_1_31 ) Enable yesApplication: Echolink Protocol: UDPSource IP Address: Source Netmask: IP Address: Destination Netmask ??? ?Destination Port Start: 5198 Destination Port End: 5199Destination Port Map: ??????Enabled Name Source IP Destination IP Port Start Protocol Edit DeleteMask Mask Port EndPort Map