Dot Matrix vs Laser Printer Running Costs?


Nov 6, 2008
Mangaluru, Karnataka
It appears that commercial tax department has started sending trade circulars against use of thermal printers in retail stores of my area as the print fades in matter of days and becomes warranty/repair claims difficult. So after getting circular, my neighbourhood cloth store guy had called for advice.

He wants to know about economics of using a laser printer vs dot matrix printer for invoicing around 50-100 customers a day. Can someone give me gyan on running cost comparison of these two printer technologies?.

  • He said 50-100 customers a day. So I assume daily he will take around 100 prints. I assume he will not be taking printouts on a A4 sheet. Perhaps something smaller?.
  • He said space for keeping printer is not an issue. Just wanted something that does job without creating a fuss and easy to maintain.
So what type is recommended?.

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