DNS Problems on Excitel Broadband


google ads are not loading for me on the forum right now lol. so not sure if even i got dnscrypt to work.
Yeah, back again today also. Facing the issue at the moment. Seems like it happens daily around this time now, just depends if it gets fixed quick enough or takes time to be back to normal.
Quite annoying i'd say.
@Shivam255 It depends on what time u're checkin, i'm online basically 24x7 lol. The issue today was back to normal within 10 min or so.

Edit 2: Down again for me since last half an hour now. Anyone reading this around the time of me posting can check for themselves by going on either of these websites: twitch.tv, reddit.com, speedtest.net and github (though github is accessible but it's very slow and sometimes doesn't even load all elements of the webpage)

Edit 3: And, tada! After 3 hrs it's fine again.
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