The Global Village Idiot
deleted? or merged into another existing thread maybe?


and it seems to be gone for good this time around. i cannot find it. and the links you sent me through telegrams are not working. i have absolutely no idea what happened to it.

I'm using Google's DNS's and still cannot access many sites since 2-3 days .. Appears any site using ANY CloudFlare services are inaccessible from Excitel... I have opened a ticket but as expected, no one will bother to update with anything intelligent :)
Captcha is just a nuisance and I can live with that .. but it's not working only .... traceroute confirms it ... has CloudFlare (accidently) blocked the excitel IP space ? Can't even dig the domain if they're using simple cloudflare DNS servers ...
hmm.. ok .. did'nt know that .. but this problem for me is isolated to everything CloudFlare related... all sites on cloudflare are not accessible...

even ( which only uses CloudFlare DNS ) is not accessible..