DNS Problems on Excitel Broadband

sushubh, can you help me in setting denscrypt ? i dont know how it works and how to set it up.

and it will setup at router level right?

like if i browse reddit on my phone via wifi with dnscrypt installed


one thing i learnt from using reliance broadband was to look for workarounds rather than solution. this is why i got the pi and ran a script on loop to keep logging me in in case reliance logs me out.

excitel is basically in the same category.

i forgot to post a few days ago. i complained about this on twitter and i actually got a call from the head of their customer care division. he basically said that google not working on their network was just not possible because they have direct peering with them. i tried to explain that the problem is not with connectivity... the problem is connected to their dns. he did say that he would forward the issue to their technical team but i do not think anything came out of it.


i just installed it on my computer... simple dnscrypt has a pretty simple windows app that seems to be working fine for me.

I do remember googling about if i could set it up on my router. but i think there was no easy way to do it on edgerouter.

i could possibly set it up on the pi and use it on local devices... but the problem does not really affect my dad or mom that much so it's not really worth the hassle.


the same app does let you use your pc as the dns server for your phone but of course, it would require you to keep the computer running all the time.

look how great their cc is. closing a complaint and marking it as solved without doing anything.
yeah i got the same reply from them yesterday the only difference is that my phone was really unreachable at that time and by then everything was fixed already.
even quora is not working today.
@Sushubh are their any disadvantages of using dnscrypt like increased ping or something like that ?


if you guys use firefox, it has internal support for dns over tls. though i am not sure if that would bypass the nonsense excitel has in place. android p also has dns over tls...

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