we have only discovered - twitch , reddit, speedtest, github , quora .

there may be other sites that we are not aware of because we dont use them .

also 1 thing to note in case of twitch.tv

when on pc the site doesnt load at all. i get request timed out.

but on phone, the app works , thumbnails dont load up but video streaming works . like i can watch videos without any issue.
@Aakash Malhotra If u open twitch website directly on the phone (either m.twitch.tv or desktop version www.twitch.tv), instead of the twitch app, then it would behave the same as it does on pc. The app can play the stream but most other elements don't load. Same goes for the desktop version of twitch app.
Are you really sure it's DNS issue? Anyone tried nslookup at the time the issue occurs? I will appreciate results from nslookup that can show DNS failure or not.

Slow loading most probably excludes possibility of DNS issue because it's loading and with DNS failure nothing will load (in most cases).

Using other DNS might resolve the issue because if you are using distant DNS it most probably fetches the content from other CDN/Source and therefore avoiding the non-working path.

Just assumptions. Need more details to pinpoint exact issue.

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it is a dns issue because i can connect to vpn and access the same domains at the same time just fine.
on a site like twitch, you are not really connecting to one domain. if the videos are working fine, it means that the cdn delivering the video content does not have dns issue. but other domains being used to serve ui components on twitch domain do.
ever since i moved to dnscrypt, i have not faced any issue with excitel. because it stops excitel from intercepting with my dns queries.