@Aakash Malhotra true, still not working via excitel. Today this issue has been here probably longer than ever before. I fear you might also have to resort to DNSCrypt. It'll take like 5 min to setup n u can access all sites again.
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@Aakash Malhotra Yeah noticed the dns issue again, turned dnscrypt service on to deal with that.
Other than that didn't have the speed issue, might be area/local issue for u, i rarely have speed issues with excitel n when i do, a reboot to the router usually fixes it.
I've only ever had internet being completely down as an issue due to various reasons on excitel ever, very rarely i have had speed or ping or other issues.

Been using Excitel since 6-7 months now almost, n connectivity (internet being totally cut down) was the only real issue n was very frequent for the first 1.5 months (i was done with it n was gonna unsubscribe in 2 weeks before situation got better n i decided otherwise) n then it was very occasional ever since. In short, I've never had other sorts of issues with Excitel atleast in my area other than internet being completely out n even that has subsided a whole lot compared to before (used to not have internet for like half a day or more every 2 days or so) now its like once in a few weeks (if at all) n for few hrs usually.

The only other issue i've had with Excitel other than internet being down was this DNS issue since about last month or so. Although, Excitel is either not aware of it or understands it completely (which is weird since it's a service wide issue n not a local issue tat only some users would have etc.) and is hence not doing anything about it.
The issue just occurs for few hrs, sometimes upto a day even n goes away. Atleast using DNSCrypt allows us to fix it for ourselves but i'm highly disapointed how unaware of their own service Excitel is, especially since they can just find that issue themselves by visiting those websites on an excitel connection from their offices or whatever, assuming the detailed complaints I (and am sure other people must have also) made/registered were not enough of a hint or proof to them of the nature of the problem.

But maybe they just dun care i guess?
can you guys please raise a complaint for these websites ask their cc to connect you with their level 2 tech team. we have to collectively complain to them so that they take this seriously and try to find the root cause and fix it.
@philip marlowe
It's always the same set of websites that are affected.
Current list of sites I've found being affected when the DNS issue occurs-

sites not loading at all : twitch.tv, reddit.com, speedtest.net, quora.com

sites loading with basic html or extremely slow : github.com, bandcamp.com
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