are those sites working now they called me saying that they have rectified the issue but i couldn't confirm it as i was home at that time
Not working for me, it was working for a while after 2 hours from the start of the issue, but since last 6 hrs or so it hasn't been working.
I'm using my workaround for twitch atleast by connecting to it on a different ISP then swithcin back to Excitel, then as long as i don't refresh or click anything else it works atleast for that stream and basic chat.
i think i am still using dnscrypt since i installed it few weeks ago. i have not faced any dns errors since then!
Can u confirm if u can access any of these sites at the moment using DNSCrypt:,,, github and bandcamp (u can access probably but it might be a slow load for these two).

If yes, then which version of it are u using? I tried the Simple DNSCrypt Client for windows and it didn't work for either of these sites.

Also on a side note, whenever this issue arises, it's always with the same set of websites/services, atleast for me.


Yeah. Instructions were not really clear. Accidentally found this step. Made perfect sense. Felt stupid ?


why are we using localhost as the DNS
not really an expert. what is basically happening is that you now have a software on your computer which is converting domains to ip. so to access this software running on your own computer, you have to use locahost in your dns settings. this is how your computer uses dns services powered by your own computer running on dnscrypt.

few months ago, i experimented with bind on my pi.

BIND Open Source DNS Server | Internet Systems Consortium

so to use it on my pc... i had to use the ip of the pi in my dns settings. so it connected to my pi for domain resolution.
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