DNS Problems on Excitel Broadband


From what I have seen, Excitel does not let you use custom DNS servers like Google Public DNS or OpenDNS. Unless you are using VPN , you are using Excitel's own DNS servers.

This is generally fine but I am having issues with bunch of domains that are inaccessible randomly.

Right now I cannot access linksredirect.com for example even though it is supposed to be up. clnk.in is also not working though it seems to be down as per downforeveryoneorjustme.com. yesterday, i had to use vpn to order a product through ebay because ebay india was struggling to load on excitel.

just curious if you guys have also faced similar issues.

Update: Both clnk.in and linksredirect.com are working if I use VPN so the problem is definitely with Excitel's DNS Servers.

Excitel users, please check these two domains and confirm if they load at your end!
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An error occurred.
404 Not Found

Getting these two. This is alright. Because the domains are used for redirection. As long as they load, they are working fine.

Hi Guys,

there is a purpose in what we do.

Ensuring customers use our DNS servers and not some Public DNS, we provide same experience to everyone.

If you just allow Random use of DNS, some customers will (without knowledge) use them and get poor performance as general and will think this is because of Excitel, but in reality it is because customer is using DNS that today decided to respond slowly or to not work at all....

Also, only if Customers use our DNS servers they will get maximum benefit from our Local Peering and CDN agreements and will fetch traffic locally, which again improves experience, and if they use even google dns ( or other Public DNS, they can fetch an Indian site from Outside of India with 200+ ms delay which will spoil the experience...

So the only way we can ensure maximum localization of content is to provide Local DNSes and to ensure everybody uses them....

The above comes with some trade off of course. Sometimes a site owner breaks his DNS records and the site becomes inaccessible if DNS records are quickly updated with the wrong ones (as we do in our case) and the site can remain reachable if user uses Public DNS that caches results for hours.

Again here, customer thinks if the site is not opening on Excitel, but opening on Other ISP (where I use Public DNS) it's for sure Excitel issue :) but this is not always true... it's Site issue, but due to the way Excitel uses DNS (keep small cache, try to always check with Root DNS servers) it's more quickly that the issue of the Site is surfaced to its users. Once the Site realizes they broke DNS records, they fix it and in this moment it is fixed for all users of Excitel as well.

We believe we are doing the right thing :)
I'm using Google's DNS's and still cannot access many sites since 2-3 days .. Appears any site using ANY CloudFlare services are inaccessible from Excitel... I have opened a ticket but as expected, no one will bother to update with anything intelligent :)

Captcha is just a nuisance and I can live with that .. but it's not working only .... traceroute confirms it ... has CloudFlare (accidently) blocked the excitel IP space ? Can't even dig the domain if they're using simple cloudflare DNS servers ...
hmm.. ok .. did'nt know that .. but this problem for me is isolated to everything CloudFlare related... all sites on cloudflare are not accessible...

even androidfilehost.com ( which only uses CloudFlare DNS ) is not accessible..

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