DishTV looting its subscriber by addon packages


MTNL Triband
Guys I am having DishTV now like for 2 year from the start we r using platinum pack. Its service is superb and every other thing is good only till recently it seems it has been looting it subscriber. First of all the UTV channels are addon which is a big minus point then der is not a single CBS channel again a thumb down but I felt chalo its ok but until its recent move. As I said im using platinum pack since two year I had all the sports channel leaving Neo sports and Neo cricket which wer addon @ tht time but recently when star cricket had India vs English series followed by CLT20 it completely switched the sport pack now dey made Neo sports and cricket available and stars cricket, ESPN wer made addon this is like dey did it purposely as dey knw ppl will need 2 watch cricket n by doing dis channel addon dey will need 2 pay for same. So it happened like dis first the channel wer free n just becoz it got d game it becum as addon this is really shameful n pathetic on path of dishtv.