Disconnection after half-hour using azureus


May 15, 2007
I have BSNL-Dataone Home 500 plan with the UT-300R2U router connected via USB to my XP system.While running Azureus, I get on avg. a download and upload speed of 50KB/sec, but after around 30 mins, the connection just freezes. All azureus downloads go down to 0, and no webpages open in the browser - basically I get disconnected. I don't use a splitter as my telephone is connected downstairs, my computer upstairs. I have successfully enabled port forwarding and have no NAT problems. The disconnection is not fixed at 30 mins, on one occasion it went upto 1.5 hrs, sometimes it's around 15 mins but it always happens.Further, the only way to get reconnected is by restarting my PC. If I switch off the router and switch it back on, the PC freezes after a while. Pulling out the phone line and plugging it back doesnt solve the problem either, as it fails to establish a connection with the network unless I restart.Due to this problem, I have to be awake all night to manage my downloads which is ridiculous. Any help will be most appreciated !edit : I don't have the problem as posted by someone else where the disconnection happens if there's no PC activity. I normally surf late into the night. and I still get disconnected while surfing.


BSNL rocks !
May 3, 2007
I think there can problems with the torrent also. Are these public torrents ?