Did you ever experienced Palmistry or Astrology

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Wanted to write down all this many months back, but never found enough time,
There are many types of brain exists for such a topic.
1). A person who trusts it, but won't share details, and has access to one who always helped him take the right step.
2). A person who believes in it, consulted someone couple of times, has some faith in it.
3). A person who believes in it,but either doesn't trusts the palmist/astrologer or is yet to come across a pro-level one.
4). A person who has some fears about it but to show off says " I give a damn and such thing, it doesn't exists".
5). Extremely successful and doesn't considers it,
Trust later can be further divided into many sub categories.
a). A person who's batsman for his life, and would face all the balls which are thrown in his lifetime, but will not consult.
b). A person who is hard working, knows how his livelihood is based on his hard work and will not take extra headache or risks.
c). A person who has taken such consultation but had very bitter experience and felt cheated cause the services were provided to squeeze more and more money from him no matter how good was his palmist/astrologer.
d). A person who believes in it, but its like a illusion, the good ones are too expensive or they never came across one.
e). As for myself, I do believe in it, based on past experiences I had, don't mind sharing

My personal experience,
I used to be a computer assembler (seriously) in early 90's it was something not everybody was able to do in my town.
and I remember a PC used to fetch normally 2000 each, to both guys involved in sales.
my family friend (A Lawyer) who does some astrology, not for money just for this knowledge said, you would be going to work in a different place....
I had no plans, but landed in a expert position (not related to hardware) at a diff. city. the job was offered as the CEO and CTO were surprised how a person can solve issues which their qualified techs were unable to do in last one year..
But I Came back in few months, didn't like the corporate culture, they kept calling, I kept making difficult for myself/them :)
even though it would have landed me in USA for sure.
started business, ran it for 10 years, knocked it off, need to do better... (yet to do )
In-between all those initial years I always thought good palmist doesn't exists, cause all previous experiences were based on horoscope, and we being youngistan made jokes that its best way to hold a girls hand.
But at a marriage met a guy, Dashing, Techno/gizmo lover, very polite and clear in talks, as it was a very close friends house, he promised me to give sometime.
I use to frequently go Delhi so dropped by his place in gurgaon one fine day in October,
This techno guy, took a pic of Palm and enlarged it on his wide wide LCD, and started talking like anything.
Talking about my past accurately when this was my only 2nd interaction with him,
I clearly remember he was very very concerned about driving for next 30 days before this meeting in person, I was told not to drive, go on foot, take a lift, hire a cycle rickshaw, DO NOT DRIVE but one fine evening I did f*cked up and drove, ended up 2 feets above ground in middle of night, as I slept while driving and ran on a divider luckily not hurting anyone inside or outside and car was all damaged under the floor, it was Lifted and brought to ground and taken to repairs later which took me months to fund.Thank god I didn't hurt anyone, else I would have been died with self pity.
He said "you would be marrying in next 6-7 months".
No girls, no affair, was this even possible, but yes it was
He said by year end you would meet your would be, it was October, me being party types every night, eat sleep..
since early December, parents started bugging me, and was sent to see a girl with very close family friends on 31st Dec.I fell for this girl and this was like a Love arranged for good marriage types.
my would-be in-laws were planning for marriage in next 10-11 months, this guy said you would be married around April end.
and it was done automatically..
For business he said I would be doing good, when even a couple of hundreds was a dream for me again, And I did.
Horoscope based :
Similarly, a couple of astrologers, who are elderly aged surprised me with good/bad events in advance as a warning.
A elderly astrologer predicted about second child even when we were yet to decide to go for or not.
This uncle also warned about 2nd child having some critical illness around his 1st b'day, SHOCKED
Party was all arranged and was 5-6 days from the date, This young man Swallowed a Large "Metal Hair Clip." fallen from his sister's hair while she came from school.
While local doctors were doing everything to make it complex, cause he was all playful, I had to take him to "Ganga Ram" in
Delhi and it was removed in a critical endoscopy, cause clip broke inside his stomach in all these days.
Doctors at "Ganga Ram" would certainly never forget this case, as it was unique and not less than 10-15 surgeons, specialists entered the room during this process, while I was on verge of missing a heart beat and become offline forever, every second was so painful for me and my wife, it cannot be jotted down in words.
However Everything was very well handled by doctors there.
Guess where he spent his 1st B'day, it was "Ganga Ram Hospital"
Similarly a well known Astrologer somewhere outside my town, have heard good things about, but when I called and asked for consultation, I was treated like a dog, recommended by her own real and only brother, was a very dis-respectful feeling, I would not ever lend my ears there, ever again, might be Money but it should have been told as brother is free to talk terms with me, he still talks to me but we never discussed this, I would talk but when he starts this topic again, it might be flames :)
And other aspect of Astrology is many sponsored slots on T.V. where only a couple of them seems to talk logic and majority being the scare to earn types.
So in all I've come across 3 different people who have done analysis for me, and the one whom I mentioned told about me being working in a different city is a lawyer by profession, but loves to learn astrology, Doesn't provides this to public, only to friends & family, might be.
Other two are professionals, I always pay them.
I love to read about astrology when I have time, its interesting things only when you are above initial stage.
but also the entire analysis would go bizarre if horoscope data is in-correct.
And that's the place where palmistry chimes in, cause palmist believes Palm lines talks, and even without date time this
can lead to good predictions.
Isn't it human nature, always want more, once I tried contacting an Astrologer who's in a different country but he gave me a nightmare when it came to his consultation fee, so I think what I had is enough, I don't need such a expensive consultation.
I remember my father read "the Astrological magazine" for decades, he loved reading it, and now I find it interesting but lack of time, but now sometimes if I discuss it with him, he doesn't shows much of a interest.
So that was some of my experience, I would be glad to read what was yours like with astrology/palmistry.