Determining latency/bandwidth routing


Nov 6, 2004
I recently switched back to hotwire in my area. Doesn't seem like airtel is available, no matter where I go. Haha. Anyone heard of Gwal Pahari, about 7km from Qutub Plaza. Anyway, here is m issue. After getting hotwire, I notice massive lag. For example, when I was using sify/hathway the latency wasn't so bad. When I used to use skype to make and receive calls, the messages came pretty much on time. However, on hotwire it seems messages come like 3-5 seconds later on both sending and receiving. What is that called and how do you determine that? How do you determine the routing of it?My second question, I believe it was posted here but anyone know of an alternative hotwire client instead of the web login, because this cto guy always logs off at least 3 times in a day and he doesn't know crap about how to fix it. Thanks.

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