Its really disappointing that DEN is failing to provide the service and desired speed in-spite of the repeated reminders and calls.

I am the one who is following up with DEN regarding the payment due. As per request number AT6385 given by customer care team regarding the payment pick up wasn't done.

Not only this, I was also not able to make the payment online due to WRONG information mentioned in my account which is still showing that the payment has to be made of Rs. 2470/ instead of Rs. 599 + Taxes. Rs.2470 is the amount which I paid at the time of installation with 2 months advance rental.

Its so embarrassing that when called yesterday i.e 19th Sept. 2014 regarding the services disconnection and restoration of the same, there was no support from your.

If there is lack of co-ordination between your departments, WHY customer should face the problem due to your unethical management.

Let me know the process of non-continuance with you as its very humiliating that a customer is following up regarding the payment and no choice left with me but to be bullied by the company.

This month unfortunately I have to continue with the connection because of no choice available, but will search for new vendor and would switch over to the BEST service provider rather than continuing with the WORST.

My account still shows that payment has to be made of Rs.2470/. This was the payment which was made at the time of installation of the WIFI by your company which I made it through cash and the receipt can be made available.

Other service provider can contact me and reply me back on the same.