DD-WRT / Tomato custom firmware routers?


Aug 16, 2017
Deadlhi :)
Not sure where to post this, so I'll try over there.

Looking for not too expensive routers that can work with custom firmware like DD-WRT or Tomato firmware. Ideally should be available on Amazon.

I know I should just check the list on theirs sites and see what's available in India.

But if you guys know of any, or have good experience with any, please let me know.



The Secret Agent
Dec 22, 2007
As someone who has flashed tomatousb/dd-wrt all of my life, I would say it's no longer worth the time and effort to do this. I've since moved on to Ubiquiti gear - specifically, the Edge Router X (ERX) - it's so much customizable and is fun to play with.

In case you're not convinced, I would say, pick any model that can run tomatousb - it's the most updated compared to dd-wrt. Pick a list from here :
Tomato by Shibby » Router List

I've used Asus RT N-16, and Netgear R7000 both on tomatousb. N16 has since died, but R7000 is still running, and I've defaulted back to the original firmware for better wireless speeds.

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