Data-one/Broad Band


Apr 14, 2005
I have two extentions in the telephone line on which my data one works.The splitter is attached with only one telephone. The telephone works fine when I am on-line but the other telephone gives noisy sounds which is obvious. My question is can I install one ordinary telephone splitter in the out-put line of my first telephone and give connection to the other telephone which gives noise during internet operations? Or will I have to install ASDL splitter instead?sanjitcx


Mar 25, 2005
BSNL guys told to connect the main line to the ADSL splitter (port marked ADSL). From the ADSL splitter, one line goes from the port marked ADSL to the modem. There is another port marked Phone, from which you can connect to the phone set or to another ordinary splitter if you have more than one phone set. Take lines from this ordinary splitter to two (or more) phone sets. I have this arrangement and it works perfectly without any disturbance. The detailed diagram (from the CalTel site) is shown in the link below :-



Using a splitter is easy stuff. The splitter has the instructions written on it as my peon was able to fix it after he opened it while shifting some wiring in the office.

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