Data Consumption Comparison : Airtel 4G vs Jio 4G

Hi guys,

Posting my personal experience here.

I recently moved from Airtel 4G to Jio 4G - was extremely happy with Airtel but had to move due to its lack of support of LTE on smartwatch (on prepaid).
Rooted my OnePlus 7 pro so that I can lock bands for better performance on Jio, but that's a different discussion all together.

Coming back to the heading of this post - I use the app Speed Indicator to monitor my daily data usage and have found it pretty consistent for me since it displays the same consumption as my phone.

While on Airtel, my data Consumption as per airtel was more than what the app and my phone used to calculate. On my 1.5Gb daily plan, on expiry of the quota as per airtel, my actual consumption used to be only around 1.3Gb to 1.4Gb on phone. Thats a good 200 to 100Mb of difference - call it data theft or whatever. During my initial airtel days, I did make some fuss about it. But the executives used to shot it down saying that there is always some difference and phone calculation is not accurate and all that shit. They also said that Airtel uses more data while streaming videos because we have better speed - accepted - but the phone would obviously count that data too! I was ok with all this since I had a backup connection with me.

Whereas, on Jio now I observe that my actual data Consumption as per jio is less than what my phone shows. A good 200mb data saving almost everyday. I haven't managed to exhaust my data since the last 1 week of jio usage. I can't be happier!

Did anyone else notice this?


Nashik, Maharashtra
Havent used Airtel. But higher consumption may be due to the unit of Data that Airtel might be using for Billing.
Eg 1Mb if you used just few Kb in a session airtel might be calculating it as 1Mb. ..
faced similar issue in Vodafone to an extend. it bad coverage or whatever but their usage was always more than what was shown in Phone or other app. And yes most of the Apps to show data actually take it from phone usage history(so app usage and phone usage will match)