Connection resets after FUP limit lapses


Overpaying Customer of Airtel
Aug 13, 2008
This has been going on for so long now.As soon as my 8GB 2mbps FUP gets used up, airtel connection keeps on resetting every 4-5 mins or so, and then, I get redirected to their airtel smart tracker page, wherein I select the option - to continue as per my plan; all this keeps on repeating every 5 mins or so for atleast a week or 10 days, every month after I use up my FUP.Called customer care numerous times, add that 50 paise per minute calls as well, this is bullshit harassment, also in addition of their incapable service engineers(which in delhi were outsourced to alcatel-lucent).How can we resolve this? Can I expect any response/resolution if I post this in public grievances forum?If you suggest move from Airtel, I'm not sure any other ISP(MTNL..? in North-west Delhi/Pitampura) can provide dedicated connection, without any lie/connection breaks (because most of my work is online, and I can't always fell back on photon, its expensive) ??Any help will be appreciated.Thanks and Regards.


Incoherent Poster
Aug 14, 2011
Gurgaon | Mumbai
Smartbytes redirections cant be stopped, but they shoildnt be that frequent as well. Give mtnl a try for a month and see how it goes. Also, check if reliance wireline is available !