Connecting Dataone Through Ethernet/usb Port


Feb 3, 2007
Kindly advice me.

I am troubled by a LAN problem with Dataone services. I’ve HUAWEI Quidway ADSL-Router modem with 1Ethernet & 1USB port.

I got connected in May 2006. I could connect to internet using Ethernet connection. During late September 2006 it stopped connecting to internet. After registration of complaint with BSNL techguys dropped in & fixed the problem by connecting the internet on USB port. They said the problem part is LAN card & get is corrected by your computer engineer.

Later when I got my computer examined by reseller engineer, he said there is no problem with LAN card or any other hardware.

Now I tried connecting a different laptop on my internet connection (this laptop works fine on other internet connection with Ethernet LAN) The result is same – even this laptop can’t be connected to Dataone on Ethernet/USB port…


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Oct 16, 2006
then there is a problem with ur modem man.. but.. i guess since its been so long.. u could just go along with the usb connection.. which should be just as good..