Connect Htc 6800 and Pc Using Bluetooth

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New Delhi
Hi Guys. I got my new HTC 6800 just yesterday itself , I am loving every bit of it.

Wht I am trying to do is use the same internet connection (which I have on my pc) in my 6800 set ... I got bluetooth dongle in my pc and I can successful connect to my laptop using bluetooth ... I can use the same internet connection on my laptop using bluetooth via PAN ...

But this device don't have any card etc so I am not sure how to assign IP etc in this ... After some searching on google i found tht its done through activesync .. When I do activesync then the phone gets connected to pc as a headphone only ... On my pc I have selected the option to use all available Com ports(Com3 and 4) and PAN also, to my mobile ...

In the "Internet sharing" tab in my mobile I selected "Bluetooth PAN" and network connection as "Phone as modem" ... But it still don't work .. It try access the reliance rconnect connection which I have made in connection menu ...

Also in the connection settings menu I tried adding new connection ... In select a modem, I opted bluetooth and then it asked for partnership settings and show only "serial port" and "wireless stereo" as option ... After selecting both it again takes me back to add new connection but it never add the connection I just created ... It don't get listed in my "manage existing connections" ...

Can anyone pls help me in setting my broadband connection in my mobile using bluetooth ...