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India Antitrust Body Launches New Google Probe -

The latest probe order follows a complaint by a person named Vishal Gupta who owns a group of remote technology support service firms. He complained to the commission that his advertisements were unfairly terminated by Google.
Mr. Gupta paid Google $310,000 for ads, but the advertisement were later blocked by Google who said he had violated the company's "user safety policy," the commission's order said.
In his complaint to the commission Mr. Gupta claimed that "Google Inc. has a 'user safety policy' which is extremely vague and unclear giving rise to abuse of dominance by Google."
Google has its own remote technology support service similar to Mr. Gupta's called Google Helpouts. Mr. Gupta's complaint alleges Google may have been blocking his advertisements so Google Helpouts could get more customers.
Google Helpouts was just recently launched and is not even open to everyone yet I believe. You have to apply to get selected.


Not individually. More people collaborate. Everyone pays less. I would be interested if at least 10 people are involved.


I have committed 1000 bucks to this initiative. So we need 3 more. Vivek said that he can get 2. I need one more. Would be interesting if CCI indeed find Flipkart breaking their rules. Could set a precedent.


Now Visible in NCR ;)
read my other reply, SUE Flipkart and stop them from making FALSE statements ever again.

I am sure if any sound investigator can examine, I doubt he would ever be able to find a store cart which can do 40K orders in 2 seconds.
and if orders were not completed why the item got out of stock.
so someone is making false statements about the actual process and needs to be checked.

SHADY things done by flipkart first time since the evolved.