Choosing HD DTH Service

I am looking for a DTH HD service in Kolkata. I want a balance between the number of channels available and the picture/sound quality. Although it seems Tata Sky and Airtel offer good quality in terms of picture and sound, they do not have the maximum number of channels (especially the regional ones) to offer. Videocom D2H and Dish TV both seems to offer a very good range of channels, but I am not being able to decide which one provides better picture and sound quality (for both SD and HD channels). There are numerous comparative reviews available online, but it is difficult to form a consolidated opinion basaed on my criteria. Would greatly appreciate if any forum member kindly throw some light on this issue and help me decide between Videocon D2H HD and Dish TV HD service.
Thank you.


Been using Zee dish for 10 years now. Happy with quality except that some HD channels are not there and their STBs are slow to load. Today spoke to VideoconD2H to determine prices for multi room and realize if I make the switch will cost me 3k more in first year for getting three HD STBs with annual plan. It is cheaper than Zee in terms of monthly fee and returns will come from second year on. Still thinking. My friend has the Videocon and is very happy with it. He shifted from Zee.I hate the advertisements that play on boot up and we are forced to watch it three times before it allows you to change channel. Infuriating!!!


i was using .atasky & HD from 2007 to august 2013 - pretty Good service - pathetic charges -- HD acces fee ! + you need to subscribe SD channel to get HD channel,where as eg. if you need ten cricket HD you need to subscribe ten cricket SD channel ( rs 20 or 30 per month )....
So it is too much for paying
V D2H is cheaper and better in HD channels that too 5.1 Surround sound.. Go for it

Thank you all very much for your comments/suggestions. I have almost decided to go for Videocon d2h. Compared it with a couple of more services and found it to be better in terms of quality (especially in the 1080p mode) apart from the range of channels available.
However, I am a bit confused now with the hardware that I should get. I was almost going to go for the 1000GB DVR that they have launched last year. But then I discovered a host of complaints in different forums with the DVR. Complaints ranging from slow hardware, erratic software behavior to automatic deletion of recordings. Anyone having experience with this DVR?
I was also debating whether I should go for the normal HD box now and then upgrade it to the DVR later on when it stablizes a bit. But the Customer Service from Videocon said that the quality you get with the normal HD box is not as good as you get with the DVR. Anyone having any idea on this front?


Good you have decided for D2H
D2H HD box itself you can record via usb it supports. Quality will not change in HD boxes..
Go ahead and order it..

What is a good place to buy the D2H ? Is it online from their website, or through a local dealer / franchise ?
Thanks !


I think if you post a request online, your request is forwarded to the dealers nearest to your address. So faster would be to just go to a local store and order what you need.