Cherrinet - 200 Mbps - 2 TB - Chennai (Review)



I explained them but still they are adamant on it... they are not ready to accept the fact , they are saying only local server you will get 90mbps or good speeds other international servers you will get around 10-16mbps which is more than fine :/

This is why I'm hesitant to move on to local players that offer better deals even if ISPs like ACT are sometimes a pain. You get full speeds to international servers most of the time and better routing.
I've been using Airtel for more than six years, still have it as a backup. I always get the advertised speeds almost everywhere. Lately there are routing issues to EU causing high pings but still I have no probs maxing out my line. They have done the overhead FTTH cabling almost everywhere in Chennai, launch is also imminent. ACT has upgraded their plans yesterday so a plan update will also follow I guess.

Everything started to go downhill with cherri when they tried to load balance Airtel and TATA. They should have kept it separate or should have ditched TATA completely like they were planning to do so. Now they refuse to make any routing changes coz they somehow got the shitty load balancing setup to work and don't want to break stuff for others.
ACT has upped their game. Cherri got to fix their load balancing or ditch TATA completely if they want to stay competitive.

1 Gbps, 4TB @ 2999 is really tempting.


Just checked these new ACT plans, they are almost matching Cherrinet and Gigabit pricing is good. I guess they are preparing for Jio fiber launch. Maybe we can expect Cherri to change their plans in upcoming days.
Couple TB's are more than reasonable and fine as long as they don't downgrade further or throttle speeds to US and EU servers. They need to do something about the competition though. ACT's new plans are really good and Jio's setting up a shop as well. Not to mention, Airtel is upgrading it's last mile copper assets to fibre. Too many choices!
Well, 2TB @ 999 is a great deal considering we used to get only like 50 gigs until Jio happened. Cherri is also offering 1 month free if you pay for 3 months in advance, so that comes around 750 + taxes. Unfortunately no one except Airtel offers decent low rental plans.
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Extreme-ix has launched their internet exchange in Chennai (RCOM IDC) recently. I see Cherri's been peering with content providers like FB, Google, M$ and Amazon directly instead of using Airtel/TATA transit. They have a 10 Gbps uplink, which would be scaled per demand I guess.

Anyway this should reduce the stress on main transit.