Changing BSNL FTTH Broadband password


I assume "FTTH Broadband" means, a broadband (DSL) connection, that one (as a BSNKL Fixed Line customer), can subscribe too.

If I am in error, please let me know (so that I can re-post this this thread, elsewhere).

This thread concerns the password associated with my broadband connection. I recently requested BSNL customer service to reset mine (because I needed to reconfigure my ADSL modem).

The BSNL staff seem very casual about resetting or divulging the password over phone - I only needed to tell them my fixed line number (and they did not even carry out any confirmation/ checks)

By broadband userid/ password, I am referring to the the userid/ password one will have to set in, when configuring ones's own ADSL modem/ router. If these details are divulged, I think anyone can reconfigure their modem/ router and start eating into my BSNL broadband bandwidth (if they subscribe to a BSNL fixed line telephone).
Is such misuse possible ? Can it be prevented?

I tried to change the password, via and I was redirected to a new window IP address: (or something like that) - with error - Server Timed Out, and so I could not set my own password (and had to get it reset to the default value).

Any comments?

FTTH is fiber optic based. DSL is telephone wire (copper) based. Completely different.

You probably have a DSL account.
Your account is tied to your phone line/number. Other BSNL users cannot use your account even if they had your BSNL login details.

Now, do you still need to change your BSNL password? Please say no.