Censorship in TV Channels

ishaan said:
i understand, internet sometimes is devastating to one's psychology , i however do not have eradication solutions to it
in the name of parents duty alone you want all the dirty stuff to be published in all kinds of media and you believe the society will remain sane?
i think its time for 24 hrs Indian porn channels and all kind of magazines playboy and xxx to be on the news stands and the vendor should ask for id before anyone can buy it , you will love it
what if the sensual/sexual content is on most channels , in some form or another , i think people should stop watching tv altogether
You are confusing with something which happens or shown in private to one with public .
News stands are public and there cant be effective way to tackle them if allowed to display porn magz , so a restriction for it is understandable. But DTH / internet / CD`s are for private viewing and here we have greater control and ability to either have it or not to have it.
Worried your kid might read certain mags ,then dont buy it , same goes to internet, DTH etc. You are in control of it ( although in all practical point , you really dont have ANY CONTROL over the new generation kids) and you can fine tune what can be seen and what not.
If there are contents on most channels , you dont subscribe to them . I honestly think with DTH almost implemented pan india (soon) , its just a matter of categorizing and a small firmware update which can effectively tackle contents based on rating. Each show , now IIRC has to pass the censor broad , atleast most movies. With ratings given , those ratings can be tagged while broadcasting and DTH/STB can easily identify it and if a user has opted not to show certain rated contents , stb can easily block it .


chromaniac said:
This is the reason why I have not owned a Television or a DTH connection for 2.5 years now. Quite happy.
Not owning DTH for this reason - fine.
Now owning a TV- diff story altogether. TV- I mean LCD TVs 40+ inches . I watch my movies via HD media player or youtube via chrome-cast.
But I need DTH for live sports in HD. I don't miss anything else.


Totally agree with points mentioned here. I only watch those shows on TV which don't have violence or nudity cos I know it will be censored. 90% content had to be downloaded cos of this stupid censorship rules only.
Its a misery that a bunch of prudes are in position of power. They are nonchalant over the numerous rapes happening over the country but turn red on f word on star world. Imagine seeing movie like Borat on TV. It would be reduced to only casting. Thank God we have other sources to make a choice on what we want to see
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Where is HD?
Comedy Central is quite bad, I can't watch anger management at all due to the excessive cuts.Another funny thing I noticed was that HBO (or WB) was showing an Indiana Jones movie and they cut the scene where the plane follows them into the tunnel and subsequently the scene where the other plane bombs their car. I didn't know that PG 13 violence was also banned, pretty soon it will be like Fahrenheit 451 here.