Censorship in TV Channels

Its becoming ridiculous nowadays and they have started even blurring out the stupid blood scene. I really dont understand what censorship thinks. WE clearly have a rated movies , and each time a movie / programme is telecasted , before it starts , they show what the RATING is . The onus falls on the Viewers whether to skip or watch the movie. Its upto parents to restrict what their kids needs to watch or what they shouldnt.
The censorship is getting stupid each day , its as if they are pushing many adult viewers , to either buy a blur-ray / dvd or pirate stuff.
Watching "Beach" now on MovieNow , and they blurred a stupid scene which JUST showed blood.
-These yesteryear "think-tanks" needs to realize today ,a teen can get whatever they want through various means. Its not that government shouldnt have a role in it , but thats exactly why we have a rating system , which rates a movie or show depending on the content. Its should be left to whoever watches / allows others to watch to decide whether its suitable or not.
With Massive push towards DTH , i think we now have even more control. Each STB can have a option to choose ,what is the least rating movie/show to be shown and it can locked with password, just like how certain channels can be child locked. This way parents can have better control , if they choose to , and leave adult viewers the choice of movies they can watch.
Craps like these are another reason people seek other source of content , where it is uncensored.
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If its not for my mom , who watches certain programme , i would have thrown all the DTH and cable out a long time back. I am fed with the sh$t and its seems i cant watch a movie with one complete sentence which isnt censored.
I really dont know what kind of era these censorship guys are living in.


chromaniac said:
This is the reason why I have not owned a Television or a DTH connection for 2.5 years now. Quite happy.
I too for the same reason have completely stopped watching T.V. since last 2 years. Only reason tv and an active DTH connection is there coz of my wife


We have three television sets in this house. 2 Videocon and 1 Dish TV connections. Every time I go upstairs and see what is running on any of these three televisions, I facepalm and come back down to my safe haven :D
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