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Partly off topic, but,

1. How can I use Kodi on Chromecast and stream movies through WiFi network ?

2. Any list of Chromecast enabled apps available. I prefer Indian content and free ( like Hotstar, Savann etc ). Hollywood movies are also welcome.


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There is no official and no frills way to Chromecast from Kodi. There are some unofficial ways to do it though. Google it and you will find couple of ways.

For streaming local content to Chromecast I would suggest using LocalCast. Works great. Although it supports only the file formats that Chromecast natively supports and it cannot transcode.

Plex is another option. I had tried it but I couldn't get it to work.
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recently bought CC2, I can stream Kodi from Chrome, but not all codecs are supported and the way isn't that efficient as it burns my CPU,
you might want to try , mostly GoogleVideo storage and the interface is so seamless and no lag when you cast from phone.


Thanks , will keep in mind. CC2 effectively replaced my Samsung Smart TV apps.
Smart apps looks so archaic when compared to this :D

only issue I had was with HBO Now and creating a static route for Google DNS solved it.


If VLC has casting support. I am using Soda Player these days on my PC which support both Google and Apple standards. Have not tried though because my PC is in the basement while the Chromecast was connected on the groundfloor :p
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