can you guys please perform this speedtest and post your results?

Aakash Malhotra

Aug 13, 2013
new delhi
can you guys please perform this speedtest : open ( remove the space between open and load. i think due to piracy reason the link is getting auto removed. )

and post your results.

please do mention your location and isp.

i am in delhi and using excitel and i am getting 20MBps download and 18MBps upload.

-- o p e n l o a d link removed -- is video sharing hosting website. i usually buffer a lot when videos are hosted on -- o p e n l o a d link removed -- so i wondering if its just excitel messing it up or its just a countrywide problem.


The Global Village Idiot
Jan 21, 2005
I'm getting "requested URL has been blocked as per direction of govt" message on my BSNL FTTH connection - I guess right now the upstream provider is airtel for me.


Jul 27, 2018
which vpn ? @rxuser

i am on excitels 75MBps plan and i only get speeds between 10-20MBps

i think i will open up a ticket and have them look into this.
Im using windscribe and without VPN its 10mbps.on -- o p e n l o a d link removed -- I dont think opening a ticket will help as I have done it several times for speed issues but they have all the excuses in the world to claim that they are not at fault