Can i achieve 20 MBPS Speed with this statistics?

Can i achieve 20 MBPS Speed with this statistics?

Recently Bsnl upgrade my speed from 10 MBPS to 20 MBPS (only in Chennai circle)
My Line rate is not yet updated to the new speed.

Can i request Bsnl backend officers to update my line rate to 20 MBPS?

Is my SNR Margin and Attenuation rate is capable for 20 MBPS Speed??

your snr margin is 9.4 dB .when you shift to 20 mbps this rate will again go down resulting in frequent disconnection.

go ahead and try if the line remains stable.but i am not sure if the line will hold on. if possible you can ask your line man to check your line and there by increasing your present SNR value. :)
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SNR margin will be higher for those who are close to the exchange as the distance increases the SNR margin decreases. so as far as i know it is not possible to increase that value. if your line has noise in it then by correcting it this value can be slightly increased. ihave also noticed different modems show a different SNR value


what @Rajneesh Rana said is all due to the copper lines that transmit the signals. The line engineer in my location is a friend of mine, he said that the lines laid recently can tolerate a little more load than the old cables used. Such new lines are rare as once cables are laid they dont replace it often. He also said that during times of road works these cables get damaged, or get twisted which all affect the original quality of the line.
The one reason is to opt for OFC which can provide higher downloads and upload speeds. I think it will take a very long time for BSNL to change all existing copper lines to OFC.
Hopefully when JIO starts their service BSNL starts to think about it.I also read in a discussion that in some areas BSNL's OFC is been used by JIO to provide services, these all can help BSNL in its long run
even though i have a 8 mbps plan due to the issue with copper lines my speed is limited to 4 mbps. cant do much about it