Bye Bye Hathway. Suggest a DTH


ChaiBiskutBhai said:
Do you think TS will add more channels to its list?
Bro TS has all the possible HD channels now except Travel XP HD and History TV I think .. Their STB is the best in the business .. I would strongly suggest you go for TS ....


TataSky is expensive but you get the best user experience and they are always ahead with respect to new technologies. They are converting all their channels to MPEG4 from MPEG2 and you can expect many channels by end of the year.
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tata sky for service and quality and videocon only for quality and quantity and not much to say about that...

CB Bhai, u decided, well hathway is good, don't disconnect it.
Well both D2h and Tata are good, u ask some experienced person who has used both.
I recommend that Digital Cable is more advanced and is better. hathway will fix all problems soon


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Hathway is playing a lot of arm twisting games owing to the fact that they have a huge customer base. Service is not the best. Customer care is only the local cablewala.

Also, I'm unable to watch any Star Sports channel as those have been blocked.

I need to pay 300 bucks per month for SD. And 2200 per year for HD. Which works out to almost 500 a month.

After paying that, if I don't get good service, I'd rather not be their customer.

As of now am holding onto Hathway but not paying DAS package. I haven't renewed my HD subscription also. Just waiting to see what's in store before taking the plunge.