Buying a Flipphone -- no camera wanted

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Hi Friends:I am a very new member to this forum. I have become a member only today on 24th December 2005 and I wish you all a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR 2006.My query is can you suggest me a good flip phone to use. I DONT WANT a camera option as my employer does not allow camera at the workplace. My budget is around 6k to 7k. Can you ppls pls pls suggest me some good handsets. I dont have preference to any particular brand but I want a flip phone. I have owned a Nokia 1100 all this time and my wife has a 6610 but I dont want that 6610, I want a flip phone. Please suggest me any phone.PHONE TYPE WANTED: FLIP PHONE.BRANDS CONSIDERED: ANY.BUDGET: 6K TO 7K.FACILITIES: MINIMUM REQUIRED.Thanks a lot for your cooperation!! :p

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