Business Standard is now letting advertisers post ads as news articles


Bahadurgarh, Haryana: The fourth city in NCR | Business Standard News

I was confused with this because this looked more like an ad instead of news and then I noticed the blurb at the bottom:

The author is CEO (operations) and international director at JLL India
These are known news traders. Nothing new to see here. Economic Times, Times of India, Live Mint, Hindustan Times...they all are same. Every week they come out with stories about why now is the best time to buy a flat in Gurgaon/Noida and pimp worst projects and builders in their ads.


If the story is from a writer from the newspaper, I would kind of get it. That would be a sponsored news story.

But getting builders to write news stories about areas where they are building properties? :D This is pure advertisement. Not a story.
Look at Times Property supplement that comes with TOI or HT Estate that comes with HT every Saturday. All of it is ads of builders posing as news stories.

Shameless presstitutes.


as long as it is not part of the core newspaper itself, i am ok with it :p