Bsnl Stopped giving Modems


I am from a district of Orissa..I am having an EVDO connection but its service is very poor recently. I am applying for a new Broadband conenction of 512kbps UL plan...But i was told that BSNL is no more giving modems. Kindly let me know which modem to buy.In my place only DLink and Teracom modems are available...Which of them to buy.. I am also worried about the configuration part..Should i opt for wifi modem?Speed will be good enough for wifi? i doubt so...because the speed of EVDO is reall sucking these days. Kindly Help, Regards Jagan


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Gurgaon | Mumbai
The teracom wifi modem router has good range from what I know. WiFi has nothing to with evdo, cellular or 3G network. It merely converts your wired broadband (dsl) internet into wireless. It will have absolutely have no effect on the broadband speed provided the devices you access are within your router's range, which in turn will depend on big your house is. And yeah, don't worry about setting it up, we'll help you set it up, all you need is username / password from bsnl's side and a working internet line:)