BSNL so costly.. still not in profit?


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Just read this:"It’s really no wonder that BSNL doesn’t make a rupee in profit. When your customer, since 25-plus years, lodges repeated complaints of a non-functional connection and you don’t do a thing about it, there’s no way you’re going to retain that customer. There’s no way you’re going to earn revenue when you treat loyal customers this way. I tried really hard to get my BSNL broadband service working though the lineman blamed everything starting from the exchange right up to the modem! At one point, he wanted me to take the day off, take the modem to the local exchange and have it checked-out! "I personally agree to what the man thinks, any opinions?


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Agreed, they seem to have changed in contrast to their customer service 4-5yrs ago but still got a long way to go. I'm only forced to stick to them because no other wired provider has network in my locality

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BSNL can rake Millions if they have a better management (even Indian Railways registered profit) and staff with a positive attitude. We cannot blame line man (though they think bribe is their birth right) because the management doesn't train him of new services. All they know is the those line and cuts or damages in that. So is the case with people like JTO, lack of internal communication and training is there to a great extent. BSNL has outsourced the CPE complaints handling to local technicians which is doing very well. Though they take a bit more money, they want money and will do everything possible for you as there are more than one technician in an exchange and he wants you to call him again. Just make a phone call, he will come home, replace modem and all that (you need to pay him of course).But BSNL is doing something that no private player will do in near future. There are many areas where BSNL is the only option. Let us accept the fact that we live in India and this is how thing are done here.