BSNL should show the advance remaining in bill

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I was scratching my head where to put this one, so finally put it here, feel free to move it wherever its appropriate. Whenever we register for BSNL connection we are asked for an advannce which is slowly deducted by them as interest & the remaining is to be paid back to us at the time of cancellation of connection. If you want to cancel the connection let's say 10 yrs. down the line then one is asked to furnish the original bill given at the time of advance. This is next to impossible for most of people & hence BSNL goes away scot-free. Have there been any suits in this regard. What would be a more correct method is to have the advance mentioned in the bill, deduct the interest with calculation shown. Guys if anybody knows about this lemme know. Also if somebody has filed a PIL in this regard that would also be cool to know. Thanx in advance.