BSNL New 100 Mbps FTTH plan


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Yes, anyone has the 1277 plan? Any review/feedback on it?
I applied for 1277 PLAN in Alwar Rajasthan. This is my feedback. I applied to BSNL for the connection they directed me to LCO. He said he will charge 20 Rs per meter for fiber cable laying I agreed just because of the 1277 plan. The LCO laid the cable the same day the distance approx 400 Mtr. Then they took almost a month for splicing after daily reminders. and finally installed the ONT. I was expecting a download speed of 50 Mbps + on this 100 Mbps plan but the max i get is 30 Mbps. Although the Upload Bandwidth sometimes reaches 90+ Mbps. The connection has been stable since last month. I have connected the ONT to my DLINK 2600AC MU-MIMO router.

mayank yadav

Connect it to a LAN port and test if you are getting the full 100Mbps down. first test via with sever set to detect automatically.

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@ mayank , Thanks, I manage IT infra for a large organization and I can understand what you meant to say which is why I mentioned my router model. BTW I have already tried with LAN port in Bridge mode. The problem is they have capped download speed while upload is working as per the plan.
No, but only if I took 1999 or above plan else 1500-2000 separately for installation.
What plan are you on?
Can you give general review for upload/ download speeds?
Netflix & Youtube performance?

Not sure if these guys provide in my area yet. LAst time I checked the guy in CTO building said it'll be 500+ metres of cable. Also refused free 100 mts that they bundle cause I'll be shifting from Broadband to FTTH and so they have no gain. lol. He's incharge of FTTH in all of BSNL & Frankly the biggest idiot i've seen at bsnl (and there are quite a few)


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@partymonger It has been really good recently, my random DCs from games have stopped which used to happen 2-5 times daily, my plan gives 40mbps but I get 32-36mbps on torrents, speedtest, blizzard, steam. Netflix was really bad at the beginning and was unable to consistency play 4k, it would get stuck near 5.5mbps bitrate 1080p so I unsubscribed, does show really good speed right now so don't know if it has gotten better.