BSNL FTTH Performance


I have BSNL FTTH (Fiber To Home) with plan that gives 20MBPS and 50GB per month. I have a WiFi setup at my home.
Normally when I check using mobile app (on my phone via WiFi) it shows me pretty good speed (almost upto 15-18MBPS, < 10ms ping etc.)
However, on my PC the same website (on Google Chrome) shows around 5MBPS. and sometime high ping speed (more than 100ms)

My problem is that when I use Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) via our office setup Terminal Service Gateway, the experience is pretty bad - Frequent disconnections, very slow responsiveness etc.

Anyone can help me solve this problem. Following is a the results. (Shows ping speed slow and some jitter issues) by Ookla - Results


I am on 60mbps upto 125GB Rs1999 plan.

Speed is great & I am able to max out on torrents download. :)
Biggest problem is latency.. so no online gaming... gets booted out of online games...