BSNL FTTH might be hopeful one day.

So I am interested in getting BSNL FTTH. Im currently on YouBroadband 100mbps, but their network is too congested and downloading torrents and games is not something that is my priority but simply browsing the internet on almost 5-10 devices at once without any slow loading times is. Most of the times the 100mbps is a scam because I believe they do some caching (since India has no net neutrality rules they can decide which services to favour) and anything outside the cache will get you barely 1-2mbps and packets are lost during peak times. I think BSNL does no such thing. Their DSL network is a joke cause DSL technology was great during stone age. But today its not very good. But I have seen bsnl at its best, and it works great loading web pages and streaming youtube videos without any throttling.

BSNL has a great infrastructure when it comes to cabling. I checked with a professional and he said the govt charges as much as 7000Rs per METER (YES!) to put cabling through the ground if any business wants to put their cables. So most of the ISPs go overhead. But this also is an issue because overhead cables get cut regularly and adding more cables just puts their networks in congestion. As of now their overhead cables are not congested as I can manage 100mbps to any Youbroadband node in the country. But as an ISP they suck.

I had YouBroadband in Pune when it was still new around 7 years ago. Their networks worked like anything and I could load webpages and stream videos like on a fiber optic network within milliseconds on a 12mbps connection using a wireless 'g' router on an iPhone4. It was just worth paying money for, although 1200 per month was a tough pill to swallow 7 years ago. Today even 100mbps internet on ubiquiti routers and accesspoints is a joke. They seem to have only grown in size not capacity. And these stupid caching and net neutrality issues make it even worse.

Looks like BSNL and the new government is putting some effort. Their FTTH idea is currently very costly but I might have a solution which I plan on applying in the next few weeks. They are offering two types of networks from what my research online is showing. One is GPON and one is GEPON. so type A and type B ONT could be this. Both types of ONT are available from Tenda (though EPON is available instead of GEPON which Im not sure will work but should work) in the price range of 3000-4500Rs. This is reasonable I think cause this would eliminate any ONT charges from BSNL and it is a One time investment. Then adding even a cheap 1000rs TPLink router would be enough.
Now the plans. We can choose to opt for DSL plans on FTTH. plans between 1000-2000 are good enough for an average customer I think who doesn't do too much torrenting.

the three big hassles here include :
1. FTTH should be delivered to my house. But I live less than a mile from the BSNL office and in a very good serviced area so that hopefully shouldnt be an issue.
2. They should understand that I will be purchasing and configuring my own ONT and help me with it which I think will be almost impossible given the level of understanding our government offices have. But Im hoping to have some patience on this one cause the end result would be a fiber optic internet connection in India which would be something to brag about.
3. The internet should actually work after doing all this. :p

let me know if anyone has tried anything of the above. cause paying 150rs + service tax per month for a modem feels like 2005 DSL all over again. And we all know how that worked out.
I am trying to switch over from ADSL wired broadband to FTTH broadband in Calcutta (Baghajatin Area) on experimental basis. It is based on BSNL 1199/- plan. Installation procedure is going on over a month and still it is not working condition! I hope it will work soon. External optical cable comes to my room through a hole in the wall and terminated on a black box (optical cable terminator box). A yellow patch cord of fiber cable comes out of it and then connect to an ONT (Nokia SIEMENS/CAMBRIDGE H640V-G25E) . A wireless telephone and my old ADSL BSNL Teracom WI-FI modem are connected to the ONT. Yesterday for a small time, it is working for all kinds - telephone, wire and wireless, but now nothing! GPON LED is in red. UPS is not providing any power backup! I do not know when things will be rectified! I am using another mobile broadband for Internet.

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