Bsnl FTTH 777 plan high Ping/high latency in every game

i am user of BSNL FTTH fiber from almost one year but from last one week 1 Dec,2018 i am getting high ping,high latency,packet loss on all games in Sea.Ping is spiking like crazy from 100 to 350 continusly.I went BSNL but they didnt gave me any proper answer.They said we dont know what ping is.They asked speed is good? i replied yes then they say everything is fine then.WTF
is anyone getting same problem?
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I went BSNL main exchange today with my laptop.(cant bring my gaming pc).I Tested ping at BSNL main Exchange of Ludhiana all pings result were horrible.Means whole city has bad Internet.I will share the screenshot of that pic here.Then they let me call to Some "NIB" guy at server room.Even he doesn't know anything about problem.He told me to send screenshot to his email so he can forward.Meanwhile two other costumers came there for complaint one of them was Gamer.They said same thing which i am getting.Then we went to GM and He promised me fix the problem in next couple of days.Big disappointment is that they don't know where problem is and didn't show me any hardwork to fix or hear costumer problem.
Pinging from Exchange's net
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I am using Tunnel Bear VPN .now my ping in games are fine.Seems like Their Routing is messed up completely.Without VPM MM picked gives me Red cross in all Asian servers includiong india's

Same problem here, since 3 weeks I am talking to the guy at NIB office and have written multiple emails to him, but no solution. I think the problem is everywhere.

One thing I noticed that I get IP address from two series one is 107.70.xx.yy and another is 59.90.xx.yy and in the latter one the pings seem to be fine but in the first one pings are high, I have noticed if I turn off my router for 20 mins or so I get the latter IP address and solves my gaming issue temporarily but mostly I get IP address of 107.70.xx.yy series only and on that the ping is 300ms on SEA servers in mostly all games like fortnite, PUBG etc.

My location is Bhopal (M.P.)
I asked from people from Pune they had the same issue, but another person I know from Ambala getting correct ping as I get on 59.90.xx.yy IP address