BSNL Broadband Issues


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Apr 9, 2017
My BSNL broadband gets disconnected often; most of the time resumes after sometime, like 5-10 minutes. Sometimes, after a power off/on of the router. Noticed that often, before the connection goes off, the browser clears, some redirection message and then loads page. This connect / disconnect happen about 3-5 times a day. I have complained a no. of times, and they close the complaint when I say it is ok. They have also sent people a no. of times, who could not find any fault. Tested my line. Last time, the BSNL person tightened the screws (after loosening, though, which I had seen!) and said there would not be any problem. The problem appeared again within 3 hours. And the next day, same thing.
I need that telephone number which I have registered with everyone, which I cant remember. Can somebody give me a solution to this problem?

Remo R

Mar 9, 2016
I am having the same problem for the past one year. I started using a Router (Model No. TD-W8960N) and had the set up done. before the router I was using the DATAONE modem, The issue till today is the frequent disconnection and then the internet is back aftet 5 mins and I am redirected to the BSNL mail page. I have been checking many blogs to find a solution but I have been unsuccessful so far.

As advised by many that there is problem in the line so I complianed many times and the comlpaint as closed without the problem being solved. I was told to change my router as the line was fine. I emailed the grievance manager at the state level with the complaints details on email. Everyone swung into action. I got a call from 3-4 people from BSNL to check if my problem was resolved.

Later the linesman told me that they have throughly checked the line and there is no problem in the line, I believe them coz my landline does not have any kind of disturbances and the voice quality is excellent, (I guess they changed the line). But the freuqnt drop in the broadband connection still persists. I dont know whom should I reach out to now.

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